Young Women Have More College Education Than Men, Government Says

What do you make of this?In a survey of 9,000 young people nationwide, guess who the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics found has more formal education?Not men. Women. “At age 23, there is a clear gender gap in educational attainment. While nearly 1 in 4 women had earned a bachelor’s degree by the October when they were age 23, only 1 in 7 men had done so,” the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says. It also found that 16% of those polled were still enrolled in college classes. That’s pretty low, no? ‘Those surveyed were first polled about education when they were age 12 to 17 in 1997, the BLS says, and ages 23 to 29 when interviewed for the 12th time in the 2008-2009 survey. The BLS says the survey provides information on work and nonwork experiences, training, schooling, income, assets, and other characteristics. The BLS also says the information provided by respondents is representative of all men and women born in the early 1980s and living in the United States when the survey began in 1997.And could these results be partly, or even largely, due to the astronomical costs of college tuition, which our education system and academics have done little to ameliorate?