Worried about the Selloff? Buy What You Know

Okay, this past week was pure nastiness.  In fact, it was even worse than a big selloff, as the market offered a glimpse of hope for a midweek rebound.

So you start feeling like you can breathe again, only to go through a Thursday and Friday that were just ugly.

That said, I think we’ll bounce again next week.  How long will it last?  Hopefully longer than 2 days!

Traders, though, are usually quick to adapt to changing conditions (good traders, anyway).  Me?  I try to stick to what I think works historically, and that means buying my favorites on a selloff.  We’ve certainly had a few of those lately, and I’ve been in and out of a lot of stocks.  Let’s look at two I’m now holding, both of which I bought Friday.  I’ll start with MasterCard (NYSE:MA), which I bought early Friday morning.

The other stock I picked up was Kraft Foods (NYSE:KRFT).  This hasn’t seen a lot of pullbacks, and I’m hoping this one is short.

Back next week to see if the Nasdaq can muster any kind of strength!