With Senate vote nearing, supporters seek last vote needed to pass it and send to President

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Supporters of a Senate bill to approve the Keystone XL pipeline are still scrambling to find one last vote with the clock ticking.

With 59 Senators publicly voicing support, the hunt's on for the 60th vote to advance the measure before a critical vote Tuesday. Maine independent Sen. Angus King left the possibility open, but he's telling reporters he's a "probable no."

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The issue has taken center stage in the waning days of this Congress in hopes it will boost the prospects of Louisiana's Senate candidates.

Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu pushed for the Senate vote. Her rival, GOP Rep. Bill Cassidy, sponsored the bill the House passed late last week.

All 45 Senate Republicans support it, along with 14 Democrats.

The White House has issued veto threats of similar bills.