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When Most Trades Are Just a Guess

By The ChartmanFOXBusiness

1. Meandering market

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When people ask me what I do every day as a trader, the answer is often “nothing.” That’s because a lot of the time the market is meandering sideways, attempting to figure out a new direction. In those times, almost every trade is just a guess. Right now is one of those times.

2. Watch Campbell Soup (CPB)...

Sometimes certain stocks will give you an indication of future market direction. If Campbell Soup (NYSE:CPB) is a bellwether, bet on the bears taking charge.

3. ...and the financial sector

If the economy is strong, financials do well. Period. Morgan Stanley (NYSE:MS) and others aren’t doing that well.

Back next week to wonder, why hockey is still being played well after spring has started?

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