What Do You Want to Ask Warren Buffett?


For every investor who's ever paid a hedge fund manager to look after the money, for every investor who paid fees to a money manager or financial advisor and then watched as said manager couldn't outperform the plain vanilla S&P 500, Warren Buffett is sending you a harsh reminder: You should have listened to him. Back in 2008, the billionaire from Omaha, Nebraska known for his homespun investment wisdom and wisecracking, along with the massive conglomerate he's grown over 50 years, made a bet with a hedge fund outfit that over a span of 10 years an S&P 500 index fund would outperform any Ivy League-educated or high-priced money manager's stock-picking prowess. And today, 7 years in, Buffett's far and away in the lead. According to Fortune, Buffett bet on the Vanguard 500 Index, which is now up some 63%, while the group he bet against, Protege Partners, bet on 5 hedge funds.  Their performance to date since the $1 million bet began? About 19.6%. No one should be surprised. Betting against Buffett has never been easy. He's widely regarded as the most successful long-term investor of our time. Now 50 years into running the company he started from the shell of an old textile business, his returns are stunning. $10,000 put into BRK (NYSE:BRK.A) in 1965 would be worth an estimated $63 billion today. Along the way, he's stitched together some 80 companies BRK now owns outright, 8 of which -- if spun off -- would easily clear the Fortune 500 hurdle. But we face a much more complicated world today: exogenous events, uncontrollable headlines that frighten markets, central banks willing to print money and gyrating currencies are all unknowns that force even the savviest of investors to abandon their usual rules. But not Buffett. At least until now. How is he fielding all the global changes and temptations to take wild chances on investments? We'll know today. Join me at 3pm ET for a FOX Business Exclusive: "Warren'$ Way: 50 years at the helm of Berkshire Hathaway." He'll sit for a one-on-one the entire hour, and I'll throw all kinds of pitches at his head: When does he think the Fed will move to tighten rates? How's the stronger dollar and lower oil prices affecting his many businesses, no doubt sensitive to such gyrations? How is his insurance business insuring terror threats? And is Coca Cola (NYSE:KO), the crown jewel in his investment portfolio, losing its shine? Join us at 3pm ET on the FOX Business Network.