We plan to invest more online: BJ’s Wholesale CEO

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Border adjustment tax is bad for consumers: BJ’s Wholesale CEO

BJ’s Wholesale CEO Chris Baldwin weighs in on what the border adjustment tax would do to consumers.

BJ’s Wholesale CEO Chris Baldwin on Wednesday discussed the company’s future investments in online retailing and how it can utilize online strategies to complement their brick and mortar stores.

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“The fact that our businesses [are] healthy and we have the ability to invest, we’re making investments that reflect the reality of how the consumer has shifted their spending habits. So we’re investing online and we expect to continue to grow there and in bricks and mortar going forward,” he told FOX Business’ Stuart Varney.

Baldwin believes that investing online will help improve the company’s sales.

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“We have a terrific business in places like apparel. Last year our apparel business [elevated] up in the high single digits, that’s a terrific business. We should be bigger in online,” he said.

Baldwin also discussed how an online presence can actually bring more consumers to its retail stores.

“We call it pick up and pay… What we found is people order a certain amount online and they tend to do a shopping trip while they are there to pick up their order and their order essentially doubles with the trip as well as what they came to pick for. So we’re encouraged by the prospects there,” he said.

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