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Verizon, Lockheed Make Solid Long-Term Investments

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Last week, I promised to show a few of the stocks that I consider “buy-and-hold”  companies. Before I get to that, though, let's take a quick look at the Dow.

And I must say it’s been acting just like the charts predicted in that it’s pretty much hit the July 2011 highs.  I noted that area a few weeks ago, and while I was skeptical along the way (i.e. hedging my bets!), it finally got there on Friday.

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Now that it’s there, though, the average does look a bit over-extended.  We saw weakness in the Nasdaq on Friday, so I’m guessing the Dow isn’t far behind.  Remember, the Dow is up more than 4% for January already and it’s just not a “rate of ascent” the market can hold.

Now, regarding my portfolio stocks, I essentially like bread-and-butter, common day plays ... that also pay a nice dividend.  I’ve had these stocks for a while and if you include the dividend payments they do a pretty good job of outperforming the market.

The first is Lockheed Martin (NYSE:LMT).  It’s headquartered in my neck of the woods, and is a great government/defense play.  It currently pays about 4.8% per year in dividends.

I also like Verizon Communications (NYSE:VZ).  I love what the company provides via all my cell service and especially like the move it made late last year.  This stock is even better than Lockheed, paying a 5.1% dividend.

Again, nothing magical about either of these stocks; they’re just solid citizens that should be around for a long time.

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