Trump’s tax cuts gave Missouri construction company a boost, owner says

A Missouri small business owner is crediting President Donald Trump’s tax cuts for providing an opportunity to reinvest in her company.

“The first thing that happened was immediately upon his election things changed for me and the way that I thought about business and the economy,” Mary Beth Hartman, owner and president of Hunter Chase & Associates, told FOX Business’ Charles Payne.

Hartman said the tax policies under the Obama administration crippled her business and limited the company’s growth.

“It really stifled the way I have been able to reinvest [in] my business and the benefits that I’ve been able to give my employees,” she said.

Hunter Chase & Associates employs 30 people and provides concrete construction primarily for municipalities in the St. Louis area. The construction management company was able purchase new trucks and handed out bonuses to its employees.

“We reinvested half a million dollars into new equipment trade off and doing deferment of maintenance that we have just not been able to feel like we could afford to do,” Hartman said.

On Wednesday, Trump touted tax cuts and regulatory rollbacks during a roundtable meeting with Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and other Missouri business leaders.

Hartman, who participated in the panel, gave a moving testimonial saying her company had its best year in 17 years, all thanks to tax reform and the rollback of regulations.

“We are very big supporters of yours and our company and we are so grateful for the work that you’ve done and you only just started,” she said.

Consumer confidence has jumped to its highest levels under the Trump administration.

“I think one of the biggest drivers in my opinion for the economy is consumer confidence,” Hartman added.