Trump: Charter Will Invest $25B in U.S., Hire 20K Workers

Trump: Charter Communications to invest $25B in U.S., hire 20,000 workers

President Trump announces Charter Communications’ commitment to invest $25 billion and hire 20,000 workers over four years.

In a meeting with Gov. Greg Abbott (R-Texas) and Charter Communications CEO Thomas Rutledge on Friday, President Trump revealed a major commitment by the telecommunications company to invest in America saying, “Today I am thrilled to announce that Charter Communications has just committed to investing $25 billion, with a B, $25 billion.”

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Along with the multi-billion dollar investment, Trump declared the company is also planning an extensive hiring push in the U.S.

“And has committed further to hiring 20,000 American workers over the next four years,” said Trump.

According to Trump, Charter would completely end its offshore call centers, choosing to base 100% of its call centers here in the U.S.  This will include a new call center in McAllen, Texas, “Where they will create 600 new American jobs.”

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Trump applauded Charter for following in the footsteps of other companies who have recently announced plans to invest and create jobs in the U.S.

“Charter’s announcement follows a number of American Businesses from Exxon (NYSE:XOM) to Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) to Lockheed (NYSE:LMT) to Boeing (NYSE:BA) to many others that have recently announced billions of dollars in investment and thousands of jobs coming into the United States following my election victory.”

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