Time to Take a Shot on First Solar?

Overall, it wasn’t a bad week for the market, but it still feels like sideways mode.  I guess that’s due to the resistance overhead that the market just can’t break.

So, it’s a replay of last week: save your cash until the market makes its next move up.

Speaking of moves up, First Solar (NASAQ:FSLR) had a banner week.  But, can it extend those gains?  Given that it’s not really close to all-time, or even recent, highs I think it may be worth taking a shot.

I talked about Procter & Gamble (NYSE:PG) a few weeks ago, with the breakout having me think my luck had changed. (I’m long the stock.).  But no, it just moved sideways. I still own it, though, and think the next break might do the trick.  If you don’t own the stock, that’d be the time to buy.

Back next week to celebrate Duke advancing in the NCAAs.  Wait, what??