TigerSwan loses bid for attorney fees in North Dakota case

A North Dakota judge has refused to award attorney fees to a North Carolina security company that won a court case in the wake of protests over the Dakota Access oil pipeline.

North Dakota's Private Investigative and Security Board sued TigerSwan in 2017, alleging the company that handled security for the pipeline developer illegally operated without a state license.

Judge John Grinsteiner dismissed the case, and TigerSwan sought reimbursement for at least $165,000 in attorney fees. Grinsteiner last month rejected the request, saying the board's case wasn't frivolous even though the board lost.

TigerSwan hasn't decided whether to appeal.

The board has appealed the dismissal of its case to the state Supreme Court and also is seeking up to $2 million in fines against TigerSwan through an administrative complaint .