Spirit Airlines Giving Away Miles

Alcoa (NYSE:AA) reported a second-quarter profit of $138 million, reversing a year-ago loss.

The aluminum maker has struggled with lower aluminum prices, and in recent years, increased its focus on making sheets and other products for car and plane manufacturers. That strategy paid off in the quarter.

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If you’ve had a bad experience on any airline, Spirit Airlines (NASDAQ:SAVE) wants to know. It’s giving away 8,000 free Spirit miles to anyone who feels they’ve been wronged by any airline. All you have to do is submit up to 140 characters about your bad experience on HateThousandMiles.com.

Starting Friday, car-sharing service Lyft will come to New York City for the first time. It’s launching in Brooklyn and Queens. But it’s doing so without proper certification from the city’s taxi and limousine commission. Lyft drivers risk having their cars seized and can face steep fines. The company says New York’s laws are outdated and cannot keep up with technology. Unlike Uber, Lyft recruits people who wish to make extra money using their own cars.

Meanwhile, Uber reached a deal with the New York attorney general to limit price surging during emergencies, natural disasters and other unusual market disruptions.