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S&P Closes Above 2000, BK Buys Tim Hortons

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The S&P 500 has now closed above the psychological milestone of 2,000, and it didn't take long either.  The index flirted with the level Monday and sealed the deal Tuesday. In fact, with a near-4% pop this month alone, the market is on track for its best August in 14 years. Despite violence in the Middle East and Ukraine, investors are focusing on good news on the economy. The mega deals continue: with news this week of Burger King buying Tim Hortons, and Amazon buying Twitch. Durable goods orders soared 23% last month. Consumer confidence hit its best level in seven years.

An alert for travelers: American Airlines tickets are no longer available on Orbitz. US Airways tickets won't be either starting Monday. What went wrong? American says the fees it pays Orbitz were too expensive.

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And get ready for the giant iPad! Bloomberg reports Apple suppliers are gearing up for a 12.9-inch screen iPad early next year. That's more than 3 inches bigger than the current iPad. The bigger screens may help Apple new enterprise customers.

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