Second Nike executive leaves company amid workplace conduct complaints

A second top Nike executive has reportedly left the sportswear company, one day after CEO Mark Parker informed employees of Nike brand president Trevor Edwards’ immediate resignation amid unspecified complaints about workplace conduct.

The executive, Jayme Martin, served as a vice president and general manager of global categories for Nike and reported to Edwards. The Wall Street Journal reported Martin was “forced out” and faces complaints about his conduct in the workplace, as well as for purportedly protecting male employees who demeaned female colleagues.

Nike representatives confirmed that Martin has left the company, but declined FOX Business's request for comment on the circumstances behind his departure.

Parker told employees in an internal memo that Nike is investigating complaints it has received about workplace misconduct, adding that the company would review its human resources practices and methods for reporting misbehavior. In the same memo, Parker said Edwards would exit the company effective immediately.

“Over the past few weeks, we’ve become aware of reports of behavior occurring within our organization that do not reflect our core values of inclusivity, respect and empowerment at a time when we are accelerating our transition to the next stage of growth and advancing our culture,” Parker wrote. “This disturbs and saddens me.”

Nike told FOX Business on Thursday that there are “no direct allegations of misconduct” against Edwards. Parker committed to remaining Nike’s CEO beyond 2020 after Edwards’ departure.