Perez Hilton: Caitlyn Jenner Is living the ‘American Dream’

Caitlyn Jenner is “living the American Dream: be who you are and make as much money as possible,” according to celebrity blogger Perez Hilton.

According to Hilton, in addition to breaking a world record on Twitter followers, Caitlyn’s overwhelming debut gave Vanity Fair’s website record traffic.

America knew Bruce Jenner in the 1970s as the “world’s greatest athlete,” and he rose to fame again on E! Network’s reality show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.”

“[We’ve] gotten to know the soul of that person [Bruce Jenner], and really like that person -- that’s why I think the overwhelming response has been positive,” said Hilton.

“Caitlyn spans generations. Everybody knows Caitlyn Jenner --  old people, young people,” he said.

According to one expert, in five to 10 years Caitlyn Jenner could be worth up to $500 million, exceeding Bruce’s net worth of $100 million from years ago. This includes a potential $10 million book deal, according to Hilton.

Perez said he believes this isn’t just about money, and he encourages Caitlyn to do a lot of pro-bono speaking engagements.

“Her voice now is very powerful … transgender people are not as represented in mainstream America as other groups are, so she can be a great voice for change,” he said.