‘Patriotic’ portfolio: How to invest in companies that hire veterans

Our nation's veterans bring dedication and value to our workforce, and now investors can show their support by investing in a “patriotic” ETF.

UBS Investment Bank put together the InsightShares Patriotic Employers ETF under the ticker symbol HONR, offering the opportunity to invest in America’s small businesses and in companies focused on the employment of U.S. military veterans.

“It’s all about companies that do a good job hiring veterans,” ETFTrends.com publisher Tom Lydon told FOX Business’ Liz Claman on Friday.

The top holdings in the HONR ETF include companies like Devon Energy, Humana, CVS Health, Merck and Monsanto.

“It’s an opportunity for investors to kind of give a little back to veterans in a way of supporting those companies that support veterans by hiring,” Lydon said on “Countdown to the Closing Bell.”

Lydon said military veterans are great leaders that bring many useful skills to companies, including resilience and a great worth ethic.

“These veterans that are now becoming employees stay 60% longer” than other workers, he said.