'Occupy DC' Shows its True Colors

The protest movement Occupy DC stormed the Washington Convention center on Friday night. About five dozen Occupy DC members gathered to protest the conservative free market group Americans for Prosperity “Defending the American Dream” summit dinner. A half a dozen people were either arrested or given citations.

As they tried to force their way into the building, protestors shoved both an elderly gentleman and an elderly lady to the ground. The elderly woman, reportedly 78-year old Dolores Broderson, fell down a flight of stairs outside the convention center. Broderson was taken by ambulance to the hospital.

Occupy DC protestors also tried to break down the doors of the convention center to enter. Protestors moved metal trash cans to block exits, stopping a woman in a wheelchair from leaving.

Another Occupy DC protestor used her young toddler, about two years old, as part of a human chain to block Summit attendees from leaving the dinner. Occupy DC has settled in D.C.’s McPherson Square in September without a permit, and similar to Occupy Wall Street is now a tent city.

Seeing the mayhem, and elderly people getting hurt, Jennifer Stefano, a former Emmy-nominated TV reporter who now runs Pennsylvania’s chapter of Americans for Prosperity, says she grabbed her cell phone and "went out into the crowd and shot some video.”

Stefano says: “I refused to walk out the back door and walked out the front. Not that I was very courageous. A whole crowd walked out with me, including a World War II veteran in a wheel chair who went out in front of me. He wouldn't go out the back either.”

(View here what Stefano recorded.)

Stefano also spoke with protestors, some of whom were masked. One told her: "I'm an honor student! I work 20 hours a week! I'm $35,000 in debt."

What does this tell you about the comparisons being made between the two movements?

“The Occupy vs. Tea Party movement is an interesting debate,” Stefano says. “But this is really about what the radical Left thinks, that they are owed a living versus the rest of us, who actually go out and work for it.”

Stefano continues: “What's sad is that the masked kid is the future employment pool for American businesses. This is who they have to hire. Kids who work 20 hours a week and are enraged by it. Kids who sign contracts and then decide it's all too much. This is a problem and reflective of the generation of kids that were given trophies for losing.”

Stefano adds: “He's deeply upset about being $35,000 in debt, yet he only works 20 hours a week. Maybe if he just worked that extra 20 hours -- or, heaven forfend, also get a second job -- he wouldn't be in debt.”

Stefano notes: “Also, if he had not run away, I would have asked, ‘So you're railing against banks and capitalist pigs, but, where did you get the loan? A bank. Who filled out the paper work? You. Who signed it? You.’”