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New Tech to Help Curb Distracted Driving, Time for a $15 Minimum-Wage?

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On this first trading day of September, stocks are nearing all-time highs. However, investors are perhaps a bit skittish, given that September is traditionally the worst month of the year for stocks, with an average drop of half a percent every year going back to 1950. Will this year be different? Stay tuned. New manufacturing numbers come out Monday, and the August jobs report comes on Friday.

How about a car that can tell if you're distracted while driving? The Financial Times reports that General Motors (NYSE:GM) is working with a company called Seeing Machines to make tracking devices for half-a-million cars in the next three to five years. The technology will reportedly measure head rotation to alert drivers if their eyes are wandering.

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The push to raise the minimum wage to $15-per-hour gets more fuel this week. On Thursday, fast food workers - this time joined by home-care aides – reportedly plan to go on strike and engage in civil disobedient movements across the country. Of course, many businesses are critical, arguing that a minimum-wage hike to $15 would wipe out their profits.

Should you get cheaper airfare when you bring your own device on a plane to watch movies and TV? A new survey says yes. Most people think that since the airlines save money, they should pass on those savings.

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