Netflix says no to Frances McDormand's calls for 'inclusion riders'

In Oscar winner Frances McDormand's speech she called for an "inclusion rider," which is a contract demand where actors and actresses can require more diversity when it comes to hiring the cast and crew. But, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings doesn't necessarily see it the same way, saying, "we're not so big on doing everything through agreements. We're trying to do things creatively." Hastings said Netflix would rather speak with the filmmakers about the diversity of the project before shooting begins.

Amazon is offering a $5.99-a-month discounted Prime membership to people on Medicaid, opening it up to shoppers who may not have been able to pay the standard fee. Since June, Amazon has presented the same Prime discount to people using food stamps, or other government assistance, through an electronic benefit transfer card. To apply for the discounted prime, Medicaid recipients need to take a photo of their Medicaid card and upload it to the site.

Also, about 42% of Americans have less than $10,000 saved for when they retire, according to a new study by GoBankingRates. The No. 1 reason why: most people said they didn't earn enough to save, followed by the fact that they were already struggling to pay bills.