Mylan should have paid larger settlement over the EpiPen charges: Robyn O’Brien

AllergyKids Foundation Founder Robyn O’Brien on Tuesday said the Pharmaceutical company Mylan, should have paid more than $465 million in their settlement with the U.S. Justice Department.

The multi-million dollar settlement resolved claims that Mylan overcharged the government for its EpiPen emergency allergy treatment.

“If you were to ask any family who was part of the price gouging that Mylan participated in, they would tell you that it’s not enough because the families aren’t seeing any rebate, they are not seeing any recourse, they are not seeing any refund for the incredible overcharging that Mylan did over the last several years. And I think $465 million for a company that has $11 billion in annual revenue is not enough,” she told FOX Business’ Ashley Webster on “Countdown to the Closing Bell.”

According to an analysis of private insurance claims conducted by FAIR Health, food allergies in the U.S. increased nearly five times over the past decade.

“When you look at that report, it wasn’t just children there were filing for those insurance claims. 34% of the filings were adults. So what has changed? Are we allergic to food? Are we allergic to what’s been done to it? This has become an epidemic. It’s impacting schools, it’s impacting communities, it’s impacting us at every level,” she said.

O’Brien who is referred to as the “Erin Brockovich of food allergies,” emphasized why it’s so important to continue to lower the costs of pharmaceutical drugs on everyday Americans.

“Continue to bring the prices down of these pharmaceutical drugs that are being used to protect the lives of Americans around the country and it’s not just children anymore. We’re seeing this epidemic reach all age groups, all demographics [and] all ethnicities,” she said.