McDonald's quarter-pounders get fresh makeover

McDonald's is now offering fresh beef rather than frozen patties in some burgers. The switch was announced last year as more people wanted fresher foods. McDonald's says it's launching quarter-pounders made with fresh beef in about 3,500 restaurants, which will be available in eight cities, including Atlanta, Miami and Salt Lake City, and then roll out to most U.S. McDonald's by May.

MoviePass -- the subscription service that grants you unlimited access to movie theaters -- may be costing you more than its $7.95 subscription fee. MoviePass' CEO says that the service is gathering an enormous amount of data on its users. Mitch Lowe saying quote: "We watch how you drive from home to the movies. We watch where you go afterwards."

Amazon is rolling out free, two-hour delivery from its Whole Food Markets outlets to Prime members in Atlanta and San Francisco for orders over $35. That's in addition to Austin, Dallas, Cincinnati and Virginia Beach where the service has been available for almost a month. More cities are expected to be added over the course of the year.