McCain Slams Foreign Policy, Calls for Coalition to 'Take Out ISIS'

During an interview with the FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo, Senator John McCain blasted the Administration’s foreign policy and said America should close its doors to refugees until the U.S. shore’s up its vetting process.

“I think it’s nearly impossible [the accuracy of the vetting process]. I think it’s pretty obvious that [bad people] already coming in to, and partaking in the horrific events in Paris, [and] that there were people who came through Greece… Right now, let’s not take in anybody until we’re sure of somebody who wants to do bad things is not allowed to come here,” he said.

McCain blamed Obama’s failed foreign policy for the difficulties in the vetting process.

“This is a symptom. This is a result of a failed policy by The President of the United States who again doubled down on a failed non-existent strategy… and then took time out to take shots at people like us saying we want to pop off and other comments like that which are very un-presidential,” he said.

He argued that President Obama’s comments about Republicans wanting to send 100,000 troops into the Middle East were false.

“What we want is about ten thousand [troops] and a coalition of Arab countries, including probably the French now… where we can go in and take ISIS. They are not ten feet tall. We can defeat them if we do the right thing but airpower alone won’t do it.”

He broke down military action and a specific strategy needed to ‘take out’ ISIS and Assad.

“For years we have sought a no-fly zone, a place where refugees could have sanctuary -- we could train and equip moderate forces where we could protect innocent civilians from this horrific barrel bombing. Remember its Bashar al-Assad that’s killed 240 thousand of his people… that has caused to a large degree these millions of refugees. Then we get a coalition force composed of mostly Arab… hopefully some European countries, about 10,000 of ours… go in with the use of American airpower and we can take them out,” he said.

McCain said Americans should demand more from Obama when it comes to foreign policy.

“I think that this is probably a catalytic event that maybe the American people will demand something… in fact a lot more than what the President said yesterday which was really almost embarrassing.”

He also discussed President Obama’s relationship with Russia’s leader or president Vladimir Putin.

“I think that our values and what we want are directly contradictory to that of Russia. What Vladimir Putin wants… reinserting Russia into the Middle East… protect his base that the Russians have there on the Mediterranean and of course prop up Bashar al-Assad or a stooge that would replace Bashar al-Assad. We must get rid of Bashar al-Assad… He is an evil man… It can come to no good if we get in bed with Vladimir Putin,” he said.