Manufacturer of new three-wheel vehicle meets with DMV for permission to sell in Connecticut

The maker of a new vehicle called the Slingshot is meeting with state motor vehicles officials to discuss whether they may sell the three-wheeler in Connecticut.

The Republican-American reports ( ) that Polaris Industries says the Slingshot, a reverse tricycle with two wheels in front and one in back, is a motorcycle. It doesn't meet the state's definition of a motorcycle and currently may not be sold in Connecticut.

A meeting set for Monday at the state Department of Motor Vehicles will include Connecticut retailers who say customers have put down deposits for the vehicle.

Ernie Bertothy, a spokesman for the Department of Motor Vehicles, says state officials want to come up with a solution.

The base price of a Slingshot is $19,999 with the premium model selling for $23,999.


Information from: Republican-American,