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Lululemon's Stock and the 'Athleisure' Craze

By The ChartmanFOXBusiness

1. Beware the market pullback

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Bulls have to love the recent action, but I’m still firmly (although -- so far! -- wrongly) in the bear camp. Straddling both bull and bear, I think the rally can continue, but only for another 5% or so, before the inevitable pullback.

2. 'Athleisure' craze

More and more people seem to be wearing athletic wear…even if they never break a sweat. Companies like Lululemon (NASDAQ:LULU) have benefited, so they’re worth looking at.

3. Don't write off Coca-Cola

Every few years someone tries to write off Coca-Cola (NYSE:KO). And every few years it makes those critics look silly.

Back next week to see how well we all adapted to the clock-changing thing.