Lululemon's Laurent Potdevin resigns as 'integrity' issue cited


Lululemon said CEO Laurent Potdevin is resigning after leading the company for four years. In a statement that provides little detail, the company says: "Lululemon expects all employees to exemplify the highest levels of integrity and respect for one another, and Mr. Potdevin fell short."

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And the numbers are in, and Super Bowl 52 was the least-watched championship since 2009. The game averaged 103.4 million viewers on NBC, according to Nielsen. This year's ratings marked a 7.1% drop from last year's 111.3 million people. This number does not include "out of home" ratings, which could affect the final total.

And as top athletes gear up for the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, the Internal Revenue Service will be waiting back here in the US to collect taxes on the cash prizes won for any medals. Winning a gold medal will net an athlete $37,500 from the U.S. Olympic Committee, while a silver medal is worth $22,500 in earnings and a bronze comes with $15,000. This year, top athletes may see a break thanks to the tax cut that President Donald Trump signed in December.

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