LL Bean's 1-year limit on returns draws lawsuit in Chicago

An unhappy customer is suing L.L. Bean over its new return policy, claiming the company broke a vow to customers.

The lawsuit in federal court in Chicago contends customers bought items because of L.L. Bean's unlimited "satisfaction" guarantee. The lawsuit accuses the company of breach of warranty.

The Maine-based retailer announced Friday that it's imposing a one-year limit for most returns, because it says too many people are abusing the system.

The lawsuit misrepresents the return policy, according to a company spokeswoman, Carolyn Beem. She said purchases made before Feb. 9, are not subject to the new policy as long as there's proof of purchase.

The plaintiff, Victor Bondi, is seeking class-action status for the lawsuit filed on Monday. The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages or an order that L.L. Bean honor the old warranty.