Iraq Unrest Hitting Oil Prices

There’s been a big jump in the price of oil, which now tops $107 a barrel, on violence in Iraq, and it’s affecting what you pay at the gas pump.

The national average this morning is $3.65 a gallon.  Oil watchers say gas prices can rise another dime, and crude prices another $20 if the situation in Iraq gets worse.

Tesla, meanwhile, says "our patents belong to you." The electric car company is opening up its technology, saying it won't sue any competitor who uses its patents in good faith.

Tesla cannot build electric cars fast enough to address the global carbon crisis -- and, it is encouraging other automakers to help out.

And here come the Facebook ads. More of them, and personalized ones, too.

In the next few weeks, Facebook will start looking through your Internet history and your app activity. So if you're shopping for a new television, Facebook will know and send you ads for deals on TVs.

On Wall Street yesterday, those high oil prices plus mediocre news on the job market and consumer spending helped send stocks broadly lower.

The Dow fell 110 points, and futures are looking soft Friday morning.