Investing In … Garbage and Popcorn?

Instead of starting with the market today, I wanted to continue my talk last week of “investing in what you know.”  With the three charts below I’ll show you some current holdings and how I’m playing them.

Remember, my reason for buying stocks like this is that I’m completely comfortable if they drop after I buy them.  In fact, I’ll often buy more in any subsequent decline.

First stock up is Waste Management (NYSE:WM).  They collect my trash and probably yours.  Given that I don’t seem to have a choice, it feels like a pretty nice monopoly to invest in.

ConAgra (NYSE:CAG) is another stock I like and I think of it every time I snack on my Orville Redenbacher popcorn.  Frankly, I’ve ridden it down for a while, but just picked up more to lower my cost average.  I’m confident this is near a bottom.

Finally, I just started shopping at Express (NASDAQ:EXPR), and always figure if I’m attracted to the store, I’m not alone.  I’m in the green on this one, but think there’s more to come.

Okay, back next week.  Here’s hoping the March market is more like February than January!