IHOP returns to original name after burger stunt

IHOP officially reverted to its original name on Monday, roughly one month after the chain drew national attention for changing its name to IHOb to promote its new line of burgers.

The California-based breakfast chain said on its social media platforms that the change back to “IHOP” would coincide with its 60th anniversary. The brand has already changed its name on its website and all social media platforms.

“We’re giving away 60¢ short stacks on July 17 from 7a-7p for IHOP’s 60th birthday. That’s right, IHOP! We’d never turn our back on pancakes (except for that time we faked it to promote our new burgers),” the chain said.

Long known as the “International House of Pancakes,” the chain teased the name change days before formally announcing it would be called “IHOb.” The promotional campaign, which drew widespread criticism on social media, invited fans to guess what the “B” stood for, ultimately revealing that “IHOb” reflected a new focus on a line of “Ultimate Steakburgers.”

Several restaurant chains, including Wendy’s and Denny’s, mocked IHOP on social media for the stunt. At the time, a branding expert told FOX Business that the name change was the “dumbest decision ever made in the world of branding.”

IHOP executives said last month that the name change was meant to call attention to other aspects of the chain’s menu. While pancakes are once again at the forefront, the new line of burgers will remain on the menu.