Government: Greek Banks to Remain Closed All Week


Greek banks will remain closed until July 13 and a 60-euro per day ATM withdrawal limit will remain in force, the Greek finance ministry said on Wednesday.

The government ordered the banks to close their doors on Monday, June 29, after the collapse of negotiations on an international aid deal.

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The decree, already extended once, was due to expire on Wednesday.

Euro zone leaders on Tuesday set Greece a deadline of the end of the week to come up with far-reaching reform proposals to unlock an aid package, which a full summit of the European Union would approve on Sunday if the 28 leaders are satisfied.

Referring to the bank closure, Louka Katseli, the head of the Greek banking association, told state television: "It's just two days, and we hope Sunday will be a new day."

"We hope that the expansion of the services provided by banks as of Monday will resume as normal."

(Reporting by Karolina Tagaris; Writing by Matt Robinson)