Gasoline prices: These states are paying the most

Updated May 25

Memorial Day officially kicks off peak driving season, and this year, consumers will be paying the most at the pump that they have in years. According to AAA, the average national price for a gallon of gasoline is $2.97, but there is considerable variation among states.

Right now, in general, the highest gas prices are along the West Coast. Although Connecticut and Pennsylvania did not make the top five list, they are two states in the eastern region where motorists will pay more at the pump. Also, drivers in Hawaii and Alaska are paying more for a gallon of gasoline.

Here are the top five states with the highest gasoline prices.

1. California: $3.73 per gallon

2. Hawaii: $3.71 per gallon

3. Washington: $45 per gallon

4. Alaska: $3.38 per gallon

5. Oregon: $3.34 per gallon

Here are the states where prices are the lowest.

1. Louisiana $2.64

2. Mississippi $2.65

3. Alabama $2.66

4. South Carolina $2.66

5. Arkansas $2.68

Peak driving season runs from the Memorial Day weekend through the Labor Day weekend. Typically, during this period gasoline prices rise as more motorists hitting the road means a higher demand for gasoline.

The rise in gasoline prices is tracking oil. Oil prices have climbed on tightening market supply/demand fundamentals, while U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to end its deal with Iran and reapply sanctions gave the commodity an extra boost. The sanctions could remove some supply from the market