Ford could resume F-150 production at two plants next week

Ford could get F-150 production back up and running as early as late next week after a fire damaged a key supplier’s factory.

Employees at truck plants in Dearborn, Michigan, and Kansas City, Missouri, were notified that they might return to work on May 18, Ford confirmed on Friday.

Ford laid off 7,600 workers when it temporarily stopped building trucks in the two assembly plants because of a shortage of die-cast parts from Meridian Magnesium Products.

Production of Super Duty trucks in Louisville, Kentucky, was also shut down indefinitely, though the plant is still making large SUVs.

Ford has said it’s an hour-by-hour situation. The company is working with Meridian and other suppliers to minimize the disruption.

The blaze, which hit Meridian on May 2, has affected other automakers including BMW and Mercedes-Benz. General Motors said it suspended production of commercial vans, while Fiat Chrysler cited an impact on assembly of the Chrysler Pacifica.