Equifax reveals 2.4 million more consumer accounts hit in hack

Credit reporting agency Equifax said on Thursday that additional consumers were victims in a cyberattack that hit the company from mid-May to July of last year.

The Atlanta-based company’s ongoing investigation of the breach shows that the names and driver’s license information of 2.4 million more consumers were stolen. The company said in most cases, the information obtained from drivers’ licenses was partial because the thieves did not access consumers’ home addresses, dates of issuance or dates of expiration.

Last year, the company reported that information including Social Security and driver’s license numbers, as well as other sensitive information, was stolen from 145 million Americans. The thieves were able to access a company portal after Equifax failed to patch a security flaw it had been told about.

The company said the newly identified victims will be notified and offered free credit monitoring services.According to a report published last month by Creditcards.com, only 50% of U.S. adults hadn’t checked their credit scores or credit reports since the breach.