Energizer Holdings debuts recycled AA and AAA disposable batteries

Billions of household batteries make their way into landfills every year. One of the nation's largest battery makers plans to put some of those discarded batteries to good use.

Suburban St. Louis-based Energizer Holdings on Tuesday introduced Energizer EcoAdvanced. The company says they are the first disposable AA and AAA alkaline batteries made with recycled batteries.

The recycled materials comprise about 4 percent of the weight of the new batteries, but the company says it is aiming for 40 percent by 2025.

Michelle M. Atkinson, Energizer's chief marketing officer, says the new batteries will have a longer life than typical disposable batteries and will cost 25 percent to 30 percent more than normal batteries.

EcoAdvanced batteries will be in U.S. stores this week and internationally later this year.