Elevator Pitch: Modalyst’s Wholesale Fashion Platform

Elevator Pitch: Helping e-commerce find cool products

Modalyst CEO Jill Sherman has 30 seconds to make a pitch for her business in a moving elevator.

Modalyst Co-Founder and CEO Jill Sherman will appear on FBN’s Risk & Reward on Friday, Jan. 9 to make the case for her business, a wholesale distribution platform for fashion brands.

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Sherman will present on her company to Risk & Reward host Deirdre Bolton and judges Hilary Gosher from Insight Venture Partners; Brian Rich from Catalyst Investors; and John Elton from Greycroft Partners.

After spending twelve years in fashion, Sherman said she learned that “brands failed because they couldn't scale, yet retailers have a hard time locating cool, up-and-coming brands. Sherman set out to change that paradigm with Modalyst, which she said “simplifies and streamlines product sourcing for both bulk inventory purchases and dropshipping relationships.”

Modalyst is in the midst of raising a $1.3 million seed round.

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