Dow Plunges 335 Points in its Worst Day This Year

Wall Street searched for direction Friday, bouncing between gains and losses a day after the Dow plunged 2%, or 335 points. Thursday was the worst day for the Dow this year, and its biggest drop since June 2013.  Global growth concerns and a disconnect between when the market and the Fed see interest rates rising contributed to the drop. Another data breach: This time it’s Dairy Queen.  The ice cream and fast-food chain said 600,000 customer cards were impacted at 395 stores.  Starting in August, hackers gained access to customer names, card numbers and expiration dates. Dairy Queen said it fixed the malware problem. Time to go from shopping online at Amazon, to getting in line- literally. The online retail giant will reportedly open its first brick-and-mortar store in New York City, just in time for the holiday season. Controversial comments from the Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella set off a firestorm Thursday.  Speaking at a women's computer science conference, Nadella said women don't need to ask for a raise, they should just trust the system to give them one. He continued, saying not asking for a career bump is a form of good karma, and makes you more trustworthy. Nadella later corrected his comments via Twitter saying, “Was inarticulate re how women should ask for raise. Our industry must close gender pay gap so a raise is not needed because of a bias.” The U.S. workforce continues to lack recent grads.  A study from CareerBuilder finds about a third of graduates from the class of 2014 are still not working at all.

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