CVS is hiding candy, sunscreen from consumers


CVS hiding the sunscreen, candy

FBN's Cheryl Casone on reports CVS will ban sales of low-protection tanning oils and sunscreens and eliminate foods that contain artificial transfats.

CVS Health Corp (NYSE:CVS) is moving most its candy away from the storefront, banning the sale of low protection sunscreens and eliminating foods that contain artificial trans-fat.

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The new changes are part of the company’s efforts to stand apart from its rivals and emphasize the "Health" aspect of its name.

Rival retailer Walgreens Boots Alliance (NYSE:WBA) says consumers should have the freedom to make any purchase choice even if it includes items that may be considered unhealthy.

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CVS’s decision to shift their merchandise comes three years after the company eliminated cigarettes and other tobacco products from its shelves.

According to the retailer, the front-store sale of cigarettes amounted to a $2 billion loss while Walgreens continues to sell tobacco.

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