Chevy Bolt beats Tesla in electric range: report

General Motors (NYSE:GM) beat Tesla (NYSE:TSLA) to market with an affordable, long-range electric car. It also appears the Chevrolet Bolt outlasts some of Tesla’s pricier vehicles in electric range, according to tests by Consumer Reports.

The consumer magazine noted that most electric vehicles fall short of their EPA-estimated electric ranges in real-world driving. For instance, the 2016 Tesla Model S 75D has an estimated range of 259 miles. Consumer Reports was able to drive the Model S 75D a total of 235 miles on a single charge.

But the Chevy Bolt exceeded expectations. The Bolt is rated at 238 miles, while Consumer Reports pushed the $37,500 Bolt to 250 miles. That was the best result ever recorded in a Consumer Reports test.

In its report published on Thursday, Consumer Reports also noted that a Tesla Model X 90D traveled 230 miles in testing, compared to its EPA rating of 257 miles. Tesla has upgraded the Model X with a larger 100 kilowatt-hour battery pack, although it costs at least $100,000 – far more than the Bolt. Consumer Reports said its Bolt Premier cost $43,155. It paid $85,670 for its Model S 75D.

Consumer Reports still considers the Model S to be the top electric car. The Bolt is ranked as the second-best option.

GM launched the Bolt earlier this year, rolling it out in select states before expanding availability. Through July, GM has sold 9,563 Bolts.

Tesla officially began deliveries of its Model 3 sedan last week. The Model 3 can travel about 220 miles on one charge, according to the EPA. Tesla said it will offer a 310-mile version with a starting price of $44,000.

The Model 3 is Tesla’s first foray into mass-market vehicles. It starts at $35,000 before tax credits, although the earliest production models will cost more. Tesla will start by building Model 3s with optional packages.

Tesla shares were trading 1% higher at $35.52 on Friday. GM climbed 1.6% to $35.32.