Cavuto: 'Toyotagate' Continues


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What are they hiding?

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And why are they still hiding it?

Here's the deal...

'Toyotagate' ... Day four.

On Monday, we were the first to dig into a report that Department of Transportation officials were withholding key safety findings on Toyota....

Findings that might prove the company wasn't entirely at fault for a lot of those brake and steering problems.

The Wall Street Journal had uncovered some stunning details that pointed increasingly to driver error.

...which would fly in the face of U.S. regulators who all but seemed willing to drive Toyota (NYSE:TM) off the cliff.

So we started pouncing and questioning and demanding answers of our own.

What did our safety officials know and when did they know it?

And why are they dragging their feet releasing it?

We dig. You decide.

And here's what we've dug up.

It's the government that's clamming up.

You'd think after all our reporting on Monday ... Something Tuesday...

But this is all we heard...

Ditto on Wednesday.

And again today.

The silence is kind of deafening, isn't it?

Only late today word trickling out that the national highway traffic safety administration is conducting tests on Toyota vehicles at a research center in Ohio.

This perhaps backing the claim the investigation is "on-going".

But there's clearly no rush for anyone in government to say anything nice about Toyota.

Especially on a day the president visits Chicago to talk up Ford (NYSE:F) -- the one U.S. auto maker that "didn't" get a bailout -- and here's some gumption for you -- survived because GM and Chrysler "did" get a bailout.


We thought so too.

That's why we're asking near the end of this week what we were at the beginning of this week...

What are you waiting for?

I assume Toyota isn't fully exonerated in this mess ... So what's the harm releasing information that even Toyota enthusiasts lament only "partially" exonerates the company?

That is, unless it more than partially exonerates them...

Or folks in power don't want to give a non-union shop more power or more of a break.

It just seems odd in a week the president celebrates his 49th birthday, not with family, but with union buddies ...That maybe there's another agenda being pursued here...

What do you think?

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