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Hillary Clinton’s political future in doubt over donations to Foundation?

FBN’s Charles Payne, A&G Capital CIO Hilary Kramer, Tea Party News Network News Director Scottie Nell Hughes and FNC contributors Monica Crowley and Juan Williams on the mounting scrutiny over Clinton Foundation donations.

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  1. Former FCC Commissioner on Comcast, Time Warner deal

    What would make the deal between Comcast and Time Warner Cable more attractive to regulators? Former FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell and Joe Flint of The Wall Street Journal weigh in.

  2. How to capitalize on hedge funds

    Walkers Global Managing Partner Ingrid Pierce breaks down what you need to know about investing in hedge funds.

  3. Is biotech small business’ ticket to growth?

    TriNet CEO Burton Goldfield provides insight into the state of small business.

  4. Comcast, Time Warner Cable to meet with DOJ

    The Wall Street Journal reports representatives from Comcast and Time Warner Cable are meeting with DOJ officials in an attempt to save their $45.2 billion merger deal. FBN’s Adam Shapiro with more.

  5. Neil’s Spiel: Government spending increasing and prices rising

    Proactive Communications CEO Mark Serrano and Global Gateway Alliance Executive Director Steve Sigmund on colleges raising tuition, Medicare overpaying as hospitals overcharge and government spending.

  6. Will Hillary Clinton’s foundation keep foreign donations?

    Fox News Contributor Juan Williams and Common Cause President Miles Rapoport on Hillary Clinton’s foreign donations and whether she broke any laws in her email scandal.

  7. Worst jobs in America recently released a list of the worst jobs in the U.S. in 2015. Veronica Dagher of The Wall Street Journal discusses.

  8. Congress inquired about Hillary’s personal email in 2012?

    NY Post Chief Political Columnist Michael Goodwin and Wayne Rogers & Co. Chairman Wayne Rogers on Congress having asked Hillary Clinton about personal emails in 2012.

  9. Could a personality test help get you the job?

    WSJ reporter Lauren Weber and Rocket-Hire Founder & President Charles Handler on companies using pre-hire tests, personality tests and new advanced hiring processes for jobseekers.

  10. Is taxation theft?

    Judge Andrew Napolitano and The Wall Street Journal ’s Mary Kissel discuss whether taxation is theft and Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.

  11. Student loan delinquency problem getting worse

    FBN’s Blake Burman on data that suggest the student loan delinquency problem is worse than previously thought.

  12. Sen. McCain on bid for 6th Senate term, Iran nuclear talks

    Sen. John McCain, (R-AZ), discusses his bid for his sixth Senate term, U.S. foreign policy and the Iran nuclear talks.

  1. Caterpillar posts strong 1Q results

    Earnings HQ: The Wall Street Journal ’s Maureen Farrell breaks down Caterpillar’s first-quarter earnings report.

  2. Morning Business Outlook: 4/22/15

    Teens more likely to find part-time work this summer

  3. Banks, retailers roll out new chip-based credit cards

    U.S. cards will now have computer chips embedded in them. Robin Sidel of The Wall Street Journal with more.

  4. Banks still too big to fail?

    FBN’s Charlie Gasparino, David Asman and Neil Cavuto on Paul Volcker’s calls for more financial regulatory reform.

  5. Hospitals putting your health at risk?

    Johns Hopkins Hospital Surgeon Dr. Marty Makary on how the current U.S. hospital system is driving up costs and putting consumers’ health at risk.

  6. Is your brain biased when it comes to investing?

    The Wall Street Journal reporter Liam Pleven on subconscious biases that could potentially hold back investors from maximizing their portfolios’ gains.

  7. Comcast, Time Warner in jeopardy?

    FBN’s Gerri Willis on the proposed deal between Comcast and Time Warner Cable.

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