Cavuto: A Not-So-Happy Birthday


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Happy birthday.

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Here's the deal.

On this Friday the 13th, an ominous 75th.

Big doings for Social Security's 75th birthday tomorrow.

Parties. Speeches. Cakes.


Because ahead of the whoopin' it up, not a one has the guts to say this turkey's going down.

Democrats plan to blame Republicans for wanting to destroy it.

Republicans, Democrats for doing nothing to save it.

And neither party doing anything to fix it.

Because here's the little birthday 'beaut they ain't telling you, my friends.

Social security is gasping for air.

Too many benefits going out, not enough money coming in.

Democrats know it.

Republicans know it.

And the president's debt commission knows it.

And Co-Chairman Alan Simpson all but cursing out on the phone with me yesterday any congressman or senator who hasn't the simple guts to say it.

All the more offensive, Simpson tells me when we can't adjust to no adjustments in benefits. the fact this year there'll likely be no cost of living adjustment because inflation's been so low.

Good for social security, you'd think, because it buys the system needed time.

Not good when some Democrats seize on the perceived hardship by offering $250 checks to every senior to cushion the blow.

But this is the kind of thing that blows, my friends.

If we can't deal with benefit increases frozen for a year, can you imagine ever bringing up the possibility of cutting benefits for any one in any year?

Keep imagining. 'cause it ain't happening.

There's not the political will to do it.

Just ask President Bush, who was abandoned by his own party when he tried.

Or Marco Rubio in Florida, who was whacked in the polls when he even suggested we all try.

So politicians kick the can and eat cake.

Continuing to kick us in the can and all but shouting ... Let "them" eat cake.

That, my friends, "takes" the cake.

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