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Marco Rubio

Who are the top GOP picks for 2016?

James Carville on the potential presidential candidates of 2016

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  1. Reaction to Jeb Bush talking immigration reform

    Political panel weighs in

  2. Is the White House's ObamaCare 'victory lap' deserved?

    A fair and balanced debate

  3. Sen. Rubio on continued issues plaguing ObamaCare

    Florida lawmaker sounds off

  4. Hannity's take: ObamaCare versus 'Sugar Daddies'

    'Hannity' host sounds off on one state Organizing for Action group's strange pitch for ObamaCare and more

  5. Exclusive: Gov. Christie on 2016 presidential aspirations

    N.J. governor discusses Obama's leadership, U.S. role in the world

  6. Is Christie back on track for 2016?

    Review clears N.J. governor of any wrongdoing in bridge scandal

  7. Democrats slam election soothsayer's latest prediction

    Why liberals are turning on Nate Silver

  8. Is America on the right path?

    Panel believes the country's best days are behind it

  9. Should salaries be out in the open?

    The Daily Beast’s Kristen Soltis Anderson and The Washington Free Beacon’s Lachlan Markay on open salaries, NSA spying and more.

  10. Venezuela Opposition Leader’s Cousin Says He Will ‘Absolutely Not’ Be Allowed To Go Free

    Bryan Llenas speaks to Leopoldo Lopez’s first cousin, Thor Halvorssen, the President of the Human Rights Foundation, about the protests, Lopez’s fate, and the future of the opposition movement.

  11. Former Hugo Chavez Advisor, Eva Golinger, On The Unrest In Venezuela

    Venezuelan-American Attorney Eva Golinger knew, advised, and was a friend of Venezuela’s former President Hugo Chavez. Here is Golinger’s take on what is happening in Venezuela.

  12. Would an Apple, Comcast deal be good for Netflix?’s Shana Glenzer on Netflix, Zynga, King Digital Entertainment, Box and Google.

  1. Fox News Poll: Christie, Bush, Paul lead GOP 2016 pack

    Karl Rove weighs in on what early picture reveals about presidential race

  2. Special Report Online: 4/16/14

    Where do Republicans stand in 2014?

  3. Freedom Summit draws GOP hopefuls to New Hampshire

    Political panel weighs in

  4. Can Republicans fix the divide within the Party?

    ‘Takeover’ author Richard Viguerie on the growing divide within the Republican Party.

  5. Is John Kerry a failed secretary of state?

    Sen. Rubio reacts to Sen. McCain's brutal criticism during hearing

  6. Are Democrats aiming a political attack on Koch Brothers?

    Peter Johnson, Jr. weighs in

  7. Republicans soften stance on immigration

    Kennedy, Kmele Foster and Matt Welch on whether Republicans are making headway on the issue of immigration.

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