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Bullish on Pepco, Comcast Despite Reliability Snafu

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Leaving in the DC area this past week, the common theme was singular: no power, no cable!  We were fortunate in that we only went 72 hours before the lights came on.  (Six days without cable or internet, though.)  Some people close by are now going on seven days and counting. Ouch.

Therefore, I thought I’d take a look at specific “lights out” companies this week. Before that, though, a quick check on the market, where despite Friday’s action, all appears well.

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As for power, we use Pepco (NYSE:POM), and I’d give the company a C-.  On the one hand, we faced hurricane-like devastation.  On the other hand, all the surrounding power companies were more successful in getting folks up and running. Still, the stock looks like a buy.

As for cable, Comcast (NASDAQ:CMCSA) is the player here, and I wasn’t happy at all with their reliability. But, I can even forgive that if communication is transparent. There, they didn’t do a good job either. But, like Pepco, I can’t hate the stock.

Anyway, if you got hit like we did, I hope the A/C is back on for you!