Biotechs Get a Needed Boost

There’s been lots of back and forth action on Wall Street this week, but finally stocks ended in the green with the Dow gaining 91 points Tuesday, as biotechnology stocks rose for the first time in five days.

There was another big acquisition by Facebook (NASDAQ:FB). The social giant is buying virtual reality game maker Oculus for $2 billion. Oculus makes goggles that let people communicate and buy things in a virtual world.

You can also now buy shares of candy crush maker King (NYSE:KING) after it raised half-a-billion dollars in an IPO that values the 10-year-old company at about $7 billion. The shares priced last night at $22.50 each.

Meanwhile, airlines are being friendlier to your wallet, sort of. A new study says U.S. carriers have lowered ticket prices on average by $7 to offset the cost of checking bags, which generally costs $25 a pop. So the airlines still come out ahead -- collecting $2.5 billion in bag fees last year.