Here are the best and worst months to sell your house, and why

If you’re thinking about selling your house, you’d be better off doing it in the spring and summer months, according to Bankrate.

In fact, the best month to sell your house is in June, according to the financial services company’s report, published on Tuesday.

Bankrate used information from ATTOM Data and ranked the months by seller premiums. According to Bankrate, sellers could potentially make thousands of dollars more if they sell in peak months.

Summer months are the best time to sell a house because of the nicer weather and because people are trying to buy new homes before school starts in the fall, Florida-based realtor Liede DeValdivielso explained to Bankrate.

Another realtor said it could also be because of the longer days.

“One of the reasons buyers are more eager to view properties during spring and summer may be due to the longer days,” Marilyn Blume, a real estate agent in New York City told Bankrate. “By getting more exposure for your listing through more traffic, you increase the chances to receive more offers.”

Conversely, the winter months are the worst time to sell a house, with December being the worst overall.

According to Bankrate, that could be because of several factors including the new school year, the busy holiday season, which can involve travel and other events, colder temperatures and shorter days.

DeValdivielso said the only real exception for home buying in January and December is for people who are moving for work.


To see Bankrate’s full results, here are the ranked months, including the median sales price during each month and the seller premium.

June - $200,000 median sales price; 9.2 percent seller premium

May - $190,000 median sales price; 7.4 percent seller premium

July - $199,500 median sales price; 7.3 percent seller premium

April - $184,063 median sales price; 6.4 percent seller premium

March - $178,000 median sales price; 6.1 percent seller premium

August - $195,706 median sales price; 5.8 percent seller premium

February - $170,000 median sales price; 5.6 percent seller premium

September - $190,000 median sales price; 4.7 percent seller premium

November - $188,173 median sales price; 4.0 percent seller premium

January - $170,000 median sales price; 3.7 percent seller premium

October - $188,000 median sales price; 3.3 percent seller premium

December - $188,000 median sales price; 3.3 percent seller premium