Bernie Sanders treated for artery blockage after experiencing 'chest discomfort'

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders is being treated for an artery blockage and is canceling his upcoming events, a campaign official said on Wednesday.

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“During a campaign event yesterday evening, Sen. Sanders experienced some chest discomfort," Sanders' campaign said in a statement. "Following medical evaluation and testing he was found to have a blockage in one artery and two stents were successfully inserted. Sen. Sanders is conversing and in good spirits."

All of his upcoming events and appearances are canceled until further notice, his campaign said.

The campaign also confirmed that it will postpone the purchase of a $1.3 million television ad in Iowa.

The Vermont senator's attending physician, in a 2016 letter summarizing Sanders' health, wrote that Sanders, now 78, had no history of cardiovascular disease.

“You are in overall very good health and active in your professional work, and recreational lifestyle without limitation,” Senate attending physician Dr. Brian P. Monahan wrote in a letter dated Jan. 20, 2016.

If Sanders won the White House, he would be 79 upon his inauguration, making him the oldest president the U.S. has ever elected.