Be Patient Before Investing in Facebook

1. Bulls controlling the market


Since the market made a strong move up a few weeks ago, bears have been looking for a reason to sell.  That may come, but not yet. For now, the bulls own the market.

2. Time to buy Facebook?


As a company, I’ve become more and more enamored with Facebook (NASDAQ:FB). As a stock? I’d play it to the long side, but only after it closes above that rigorous resistance line.

3. An aging population and healthcare stocks


I love investing in trends, and if there’s one overriding trend for the next 50 years, it’s that the population is aging. And, an aging population will not go gently into that good night. No, they’ll want healthcare, and a lot of it. Enter stocks, like Becton Dickinson (NYSE:BDX)!

Back next week to welcome...May? Can it already be that far into the year?