Baby products for dads getting military flair: Report

A growing number of entrepreneurs and baby product companies are selling military-inspired baby carriers, diaper bags and other gear aimed at dads looking for a masculine alternative to typical parenting fare, the Wall Street Journal reported on Monday.

The trend toward baby products designed specifically for fathers began within the last few years, as major companies sought for new customers in a baby products market that earns more than $11 billion annually. Some entrepreneurs took it a step further and start producing baby gear inspired by military technology and patterns.

The Journal identified “at least a half dozen” startups that specialize in selling military-style baby gear and noted that many of the companies “say their sales have doubled or tripled in the past year.” Product offerings include everything from camouflage baby blankets to baby carriers that look like Army fatigues.

The website for Tactical Baby Gear, a Bluffton, South Carolina startup founded by Beav Brodie, says it sells products “to a market full of guys sick of diaper bag emasculation.” Tactical Baby Gear’s offerings include a product called the “Heavy Doodie Bag” – a typical diaper bag with military-style webbing.

“Dads are actively dedicating themselves more than ever to their children’s upbringing these days. While a generation ago tackling a diaper change may have scared off many a dad, these days dealing with a baby’s messy habits is frequently a team endeavor,” the site says.

The Wall Street Journal’s full story on baby products for dads can be viewed here.