An Uber Alternative for Women Only

A new Uber-like service for women only is set to launch in Boston on April 19. The founder of Chariot for Women says the female-only ridesharing service focuses on safety, employing heavily background-checked women drivers and catering exclusively to women.

In an interview with the FOX Business Network’s Mornings With Maria, former Uber driver and Chariot for Women Founder Michael Pelletz discussed how he plans to build a business around the ride-hailing app for women.

“For eight months, when I was a former Uber driver, 60-70% of my passengers were women. And what I noticed, you don’t really see many women Uber drivers,” Pelletz told FBN’s Maria Bartiromo. “But talking to thousands of women, they would love to drive for a rideshare company because you can definitely make some great extra income.”

Pelletz said the biggest concern for women passengers is safety and recalled several instances of drivers for ride-hailing services charged with assaulting female passengers.

“I picked up thousands of women and [heard stories] just from the basic uncomfortable conversation to an Uber driver would lock the door and say ‘you can’t get out until you give me a kiss,’” Pelletz said.

Pelletz said there are simply too many heart-wrenching stories from sexual assault to rape reported on ride-share vehicles driven by men.