Amazon wants to help you start your own delivery business needs help going the final mile.

The online retailer says it will offer incentives to get entrepreneurs to set up their own small package-delivery businesses as part of Amazon's latest effort to solve the challenge of getting goods to customer doorsteps.

Amazon unveiled one of the dark gray Prime-logoed vans that it wants to lease to delivery businesses on what it says are attractive terms.

It also said it would provide uniforms, fueling plans and insurance programs for fleet operators and even offer classes on tax, payroll and other small-business challenges.

The new program promises more competition for delivery companies like United Parcel Service and FedEx.

The U.S. Postal Service currently helps Amazon take those packages the last mile of delivery.

Earlier this year, President Trump tweeted that Amazon’s deal with the USPS was costing the U.S. money for being Amazon’s “delivery boy.”

Amazon says qualified entrepreneurs could start businesses with as little as $10,000, although that does not include the cost of hiring drivers.

What Amazon was willing to pay per delivery, per mile driven or per month was not disclosed.

Amazon rivals like grocery chain Kroger and retail giant Walmart are also experimenting with different delivery models.

Amazon has its Flex program where drivers can get paid for deliveries using their personal cars.

That program will continue.  Amazon envisions empowering hundreds of new small business owners to hire tens of thousands of delivery drivers, joining its existing community of delivery service partners.